old stories

i took this photo, and the one at the end of this post, in a grove of old-growth cedar and fir trees in the gifford pinchot forest. it is difficult to remember this type of forest covered most of the coast at one time, and in vancouver there were trees that grew to be over 100 metres tall (that’s 35 building stories). since i first learned this, i have looked out the window of my 15th floor cubicle, trying to imagine my office tower surrounded by trees twice its size. the fact it is so challenging to envision points sorely to a removal from our own roots as forest animals (the root of savage means “of the forest” interestingly enough) – but it also means the loss of many stories of the land’s history only these sentinels might know, since they are the longest memory beside the mountains that once existed on these shores.

there is a forest of yellow cedar and hemlock here on the sunshine coast – in the caren range – which is believed to be the oldest uncut forest on the coast. i am hoping one day to go and see this place, to learn what i can from the ancients left as witness to this onslaught of civilization.

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