try as i might, i can not get a good opening line going for this article i’m supposed to be writing about the legal requirements of dfo employees aboard commercial fishing vessels….. i mean the regs are straightforward (someone else did the research on this), but i’m having trouble making it sound “newsy” rather than dead boring.

for some reason i am having a fretful day, not getting much done but making a lot of lists of things that have to get done – and they are long for work, union and personal stuff right now. i think all i need is a nap and everything will come back in perspective.

i have an appointment with my nd after work today though so it will be awhile before i make it back to my abode to resume with the march towards moving day which has been booked for the 25th of august. i am thinking drinks at the wise as some sort of east van farewell on the 20th or so. i will email folks the details if i get them figured out in time – but it’s not like i’m really going anywhere so it’s not essential to have a party – i would like to mark it in someway though because i don’t think i’m ever going to live here again.

with margot’s help i got stats set up on this blog today – so i can see how many people actually come to visit me on this site over time. i know people read it, i’m just curious how many – it’s a little vanity – i know.

bored – i need to get back to this article – i have to submit it tomorrow.

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