bureaucracy, politics and my new house

and now for a more comprehensive update……

the new cabinet was announced today and apparently our cabinet minister has not changed – it’s still the east coast guy which i think is a tad unfortunate because it means the issues of our region will continue to be ignored and we will continue to suffer funding cuts. anderson has been axed from the cabinet entirely which i think is crummy since he has been one of the better fisheries and environment ministers in the last couple of decades. john reynolds (one of the conservative morons) immediately commented that this will be a boon to the going forward of oil and gas exploration in the province, especially with emerson being named minister of industry. i can see where this is going… monies being cut from hatcheries to fund ceaa reviews for the oil and gas industry, etc. not to mention the detrimental effect on stocks and habitat concerns and the horrendous worker-safety records of offshore oil and gas operations internationally. horrid!

there is a terrible smell in my corner of the office today, that has come and gone over the past few weeks. we have speculated that it is a result of the composting and some air exchange through the vents above us, but have not been able to locate the problem as of yet. my co-worker decided to phone again today to discuss with our maintenace firm the problem – and she was given a 1-800 number in montreal to contact… that’s right folks – to have a problem in our building on the west coast rectified, we must phone montreal first and have them route the info rather than just contacting our guys in the building directly. you can see clearly that your tax-dollars are being well-spent by this centralization of building management.

whee bureaucracy….

but on more important matters, i am extremely happy about getting the house in robert’s creek. i will try to take photos if i go up there anytime soon and post them here – but i think i will be moving august 28th/29th or thereabouts. now i need to get onto packing and hiring movers and so forth which is all a little overwhelming. money will be a little tight as well since i’m not getting the eviction money from my landlord…. but i reworked my finances and it means dipping into my house-fund a little bit in the short term and then paying it back over the next couple of months.

today is sailing along and i am quite happy about the news of this morning. i can now pack with a purpose, it doesn’t seem so bleak.

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