relaxed and wild from the forest

so the past couple of days i have been on the sunshine coast, which ended up being a last-minute trip but a fruitful one.

saturday, when i got home from my strike training course, there was a message from a place i had called to view in robert’s creek, asking that i come to see it on sunday afternoon. i called the woman (marianna) back and scheduled that, which kiboshed my plans to go camp at lightning lake in manning park… but i decided to salvage my camping plans on the coast instead.

so first thing sunday, i took a ferry over to the coast and spent an hour sunning myself on the beach at robert’s creek and then went up the road to make my appointment. the house is quite nice, and a lot of space for me (it’s two bedrooms with a smallish den which would make a good sewing/craft area) and lots of storage, with a large yard and a wood-stove…. exactly what i am looking for, and right on robert’s creek road! the couple who are renting it are two women with an 18-month old daughter named hannah – very nice family – and they are moving back to vancouver temporarily due to work/life balance issues, but plan to use a cottage on the property on weekends. we hit it off quite well, and they had a couple of other people to show it to but said they would check my references and let me know in the next day or so. i’m keeping my fingers crossed as my moving stress would be greatly alleviated.

today is the day the closing is supposed to happen on my apartment – i emailed the realtor to see if i could get any news about whether the sale is going to go through or not – but haven’t heard back. that means i’m waiting on two things – to find out when i’m evicted, and also if i got the house in the creek. being the impatient sort, this has the potential to trigger all sorts of anxiety, but i’m pretty relaxed from the trip at the moment.

after my house-viewing, i drove up to smuggler’s cove and hiked in a little ways to the campground there which consists of 3 marked camping spots and a pit toilet. the hike in is little more than a stroll at 1.5 km – but my desire was to spend some time with just me, and get a sleep out in the woods, and i figured i might as well do that since i was on the coast already.

despite the number of day-hikers in the area it turned out to be a good plan as it served my need for outdoor relaxation.

i got there and set up, then hiked around for awhile…. laid on a hot rock for two hours in the intermittent sun, made dinner, and then went for a nude swim in the early evening – there’s something about swimming unclothed that wakes up the wild critter in me – reminds me that as a member of this species i belong in the wild, uncaged and awakened to the natural pleasures so denied in urban existence….

i spent the rest of the evening light lying under a tree in a small glade reading a book. i slept well waking only to the slight sounds in the forest as the night passed over me.

this morning i got up and did the same thing in reverse (went for a swim, ate and then hiked around some more before returning to my car). on my way out, i called up my friend david and had a spontaneous lunch at the gumboot before hitting the ferry.

my internal need for wild-solace was at least partly met (though marred by other human presence). i really am hoping to get this house so that i can devote the rest of my summer to simply packing, working, and getting out of town when the urge hits, rather than having to go back and forth to the coast on the house-hunt.

so here i will sign off – relaxed and darkened from the sun – anticipating the next news coming my way…..

(PS – to those of you who have recently commented on how much you like this blog – thanks! it really means lots to me that y’all find this a useful reference to my life – cause i sure do…..)

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