there’s an article in the paper today stating that starting this fall the us will be photographing and fingerprinting every non-canadian visitor to the united states (and some candians on visas) – starting with seaports and airports in september, and then adding most land crossings by december. although this does not target most canadians at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before this program is expanded to include *everyone* – for once the infrastructure is in place, the us will not flinch at using it in the name of “self-defense”.

this is something that has been threatened for the last couple of years, and raises a very serious question in me of whether i will ever travel to the us again after this comes to pass. i know it may seem freakishly paranoid – but i don’t believe any government has the right to arbitrarily document my existence. it’s bad enough that my own government has done it (both legally and illegally), but the thought of the evil empire logging me into their databases – well…… yikes is all i have to say.

i’m glad i don’t have to make this decision right now, as a have a few very close friends who happen to have been born in the united states – and i do travel south a few times a year for various reasons (social, artistic, political)… but at the same time i feel like i would be giving up my right to privacy, and my right to autonomy from government interference – if i were to submit to the hysteria of the security-culture of the immediate south.

what’s a girl to do?

about a year ago, i was talking about writing a book – an activist’s guide to security culture and the law – which i made an outline for and started writing last spring before my life fell apart. so this project has languished since then… and as i was packing i came across a bunch of accumulated research materials, and packed them all together with the idea that once i have moved i might start in on it again. in the last two weeks, three different people have asked me “what ever happened to that book project”? which seems odd since no one has asked about it at all in the last year – i’m feeling that i might be ready to turn out this book, with some elicited help from people (and if anyone reading this is interested in helping with the “little sister’s guide to fighting big brother” please contact me and we’ll talk about it).

focus and discipline – those are my goals for the fall – once i get through this period of uprooting……..

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