going… going… gone?

on friday a woman made an offer on my apartment that was accepted. although she is fearful of the noise potential, she seems almost committed to going through with the purchase. if that happens then i will get my notice for october 1st which means i will aim to move in the beginning of september.

i’m thinking of planning a party before i move out of this apartment.

my biggest accomplishment of the week was to finish packing my office/den today which has taken up several hours of my recent life. i don’t know how i could have had that much stuff in my small den, but in the end i hauled out 4 bags of garbage. mostly old files and papers. i am getting rid of my desk – so let me know if you want it.

i have become ruthless in my quest to rid my life of extraneous *stuff*.

my father and i went to the sunshine coast this weekend and poked around. checked out a cheap house that has a super-cute yard but is *small* and in need of some serious redoing. it started me on thinking about buying a place again – something i would like to do soon amid fears of perpetually renting.

we’ll see.

now purging my life of uneccesary things, i am also stripping parts of myself away – making myself new in order to be freed from the grasp of my accumulated life. it is by turns painful and renewing – and i find myself looking back every few minutes to make sure that this is really something i want to do.

this is without a doubt the most anxiety-inducing move i have ever been through. apparently my psyche doesn’t like change.

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