ocean falls

i was reminded of and googled one of my exes today hoping i could find an email address for him. of course, it is unlikely he has anything remotely approaching decent internet connectivity since he lives up in ocean falls, the rainiest place in north america – a town officially shut down in the late sixties by the government – but inhabited year round by about 100 folks who keep the few basic town functions alive.

anyhow – i found no email address for gerald – but i did find this poem by him which i thought i would post here for safe-keeping. strangely enough i was cleaning out some of my posessions the other day in the moving process and came across another poem by him that i liked quite much and was going to type out and post here – but haven’t gotten around to it…..

Ocean Falls

Between Baldy’s peak and Roscoe’s Creek
Lies the town of Ocean Falls,
Where the rain it reigns and the ocean gains
Inside these mountain walls.

It’s a different breed that these mountains heed
With its’ beauty and its’ brawn
And some return to fill the yearn
Like a salmon to its’ spawn.

We’re a rugged lot that haven’t forgot
Life’s lessons to be learned,
Cause they took this town, and tore it down,
The past they tried to burn.

And twice they tried but we survived
Cause dammit, this is home,
And there ain’t no place on this planets’ face
That I’d rather stay and roam.

For the ones that strayed and the ones that stayed;
All children of the rain,
This drinks for you, and it’ll have to do
— Until we meet again

By Gerald Hogrefe

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