apocalyptic fact of the day

According to new reports coming from Environment Canada (among other international climate change working groups) – by 2080, winter temperatures in central Canada will be 5C to 15C higher than at present. Internationally, the average surface temperature will rise 1-3C over the next few decades and extreme weather could create 150 million environmental refugees by 2050, severe water shortages in many parts of the world, a disruption of wildlife patterns and could trigger an ice age in parts of europe and north america (caused by ice floes melting into the atlantic ocean and creating dramatic cooling effects).

The dry winters we have experienced in what used to be a “rain” forest, the water shortages of the past summer, and the increasing numbers of forest fires hitting people throughout BC are to become an ever-present feature of our landscape it seems. Prince Rupert isn’t looking like such a bad option all of the sudden (it still rains up there almost every day).

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