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i have a couple things to share here:

one is the fact that i have finally joined the ranks of ebay sellers…. how weird. but i have all this stuff to get rid of so i thought that it would be worth a shot to see how it goes. nothing real exciting – just some silver jewelery and stuff that i have had and not worn for ages. check it out at my ebay listing page.

and also – my friend e-hawk came over the other day and laid some tracks on me that she’s been working on. there’s a tune of hers on there i really dig called fuck up the machine, which you can download from this link. if you dig it too, leave a comment and i will pass it on to her.

strange places

sorting and packing is like finding oneself over and over again. today i found some notes i jotted down a few months ago – and then shoved in a drawer…… i’m putting it here for safe keeping…

we find ourselves in strange places; driving down backroads to meet lovers, in the motels of small towns, in prisons talking to the men we knew as boys in highschool, in national parks during hunting season keeping our heads low.

we find ourselves in strange places because we are looking for ourselves, and that process explored honestly takes us to niches that most people never go.

i used to believe that because i am not well-travelled in the international sense that somehow indicated me to be not interesting – that the localities one visited rubbed off and made one become “interesting”, and that staying around one area would certainly dull anything internally exotic

i find myself on stages before hundreds of people; in native sovereignty camps; in front of police lines; in the company of comrades. i find myself in the deep dark forest, on picket lines, and in meetings of fellow travellers wondering how….?

few people have a life so interesting, beyond the facade of everyday. few people have been tested so incessantly in belief, in action and in philosophy. few people have ever questioned their strange places they call home. my strange places are not half-way round the world, they are often just up the alleyway from my apartment building, or across the bridge and in the mountains.

that place that is home is where we are reflected by the people around us, by our actions and deeds. home is a place we travel to every day challenging our notion of who we are, and who we ought to be.

our strange places, though sometimes far away, are part of what home means. our strange places are our journeys back to defining the self.

new project

i started hand stitching a 4000-stitch rug about 4 weeks ago. last week i finished the fist major stage of it which was the knotwork outline (this comes to approximately 2 inches from the outside border). i am including some pictures here of that stage since i am now filling the knotwork in which is taking forever….. the finished product though will be very beautiful as the inner design is quite striking. in real size, this is 3.25 x 4.5 feet and i am stitching it on 6 point rug canvas in acrylic yarn.

i’ll keep posting pictures as i get to different project stages. i expect this to take until the fall to complete (if i don’t get sick of stitching before then). these pics are not very good as i took them in a dark room without a flash – but you get the idea.

ocean falls

i was reminded of and googled one of my exes today hoping i could find an email address for him. of course, it is unlikely he has anything remotely approaching decent internet connectivity since he lives up in ocean falls, the rainiest place in north america – a town officially shut down in the late sixties by the government – but inhabited year round by about 100 folks who keep the few basic town functions alive.

anyhow – i found no email address for gerald – but i did find this poem by him which i thought i would post here for safe-keeping. strangely enough i was cleaning out some of my posessions the other day in the moving process and came across another poem by him that i liked quite much and was going to type out and post here – but haven’t gotten around to it…..

Ocean Falls

Between Baldy’s peak and Roscoe’s Creek
Lies the town of Ocean Falls,
Where the rain it reigns and the ocean gains
Inside these mountain walls.

It’s a different breed that these mountains heed
With its’ beauty and its’ brawn
And some return to fill the yearn
Like a salmon to its’ spawn.

We’re a rugged lot that haven’t forgot
Life’s lessons to be learned,
Cause they took this town, and tore it down,
The past they tried to burn.

And twice they tried but we survived
Cause dammit, this is home,
And there ain’t no place on this planets’ face
That I’d rather stay and roam.

For the ones that strayed and the ones that stayed;
All children of the rain,
This drinks for you, and it’ll have to do
— Until we meet again

By Gerald Hogrefe

monday morning thoughts

i had a perfect weekend with a good friend and have returned to work today blissfully relaxed and a little bit sunburned. on saturday we walked the entire length of the seawall and then some (about 13 km in total), took that little ferry over to granville island under the bridge and drank beers, bought super decadent food at the market and then went to spanish banks for a lovely picnic at sunset…. and sunday just lazed about and then had sushi for lunch… in the evening i went to my friend steph’s birthday bbq where my gift was well-received and the company was very pleasant.

other than that i really have no cause to be relaxed since it’s election day and the outcome will have a big impact on the federal public service no matter who wins – plus once the election is over then we move into the final stages of preparing to go on strike. there is some hope that a liberal minority government would be smart enough to offer us a deal and forgo a strike for which they would have less ability to control than ever before. but it’s hard to say what is going to happen either way.

the only calming thought is no matter who wins this round, they will only have a minority – which means no one can muck up too horribly by deciding to fire a third of the public service, or cutting all healthcare funding or something…… or am i deluding myself?

i voted at 7:30 this morning on my way to work. i was surprised at how many people were at the polling station – but there was no lineups which there usually are at the end of the day. i’m going with a bunch of folks i know to the bar tonight to watch the election results come in – how exciting is that? i don’t think there’s been a closer vote in my lifetime unless you count the quebec-separation referendum vote of a few years back which i watched until the bitter end as well.

talk about geeky – and i don’t even believe in electoral politics! but there’s a subconscious buy-in i guess – that somehow it really matters.

in other news – my apartment has not been sold yet and i will not be getting an eviction notice for september 1st, though i still intend to move on that date if possible. ruth and david have been showing my place lots but i think the price is pretty high for most people – even for such a good location.

i really wish i could start looking at places for september 1st – but it is still too early for advertising. in july i am going to post some notices in gibsons and roberts creek that i am looking for a home up there to rent but for now all i can really do is wait and sort through my things. although i am anxious to move, i am procrastinating on the sorting out my office front because i know i will be confronted by horrible dilemmas about what to keep and what to recycle/shred.

and so it goes… i wish people would stop telling me that i won’t be able to stand the commute from the sunshine coast. i mean – if i don’t know what my tolerance level for that will be – how does anyone else?

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