Required Reading

Reading list and journal for the first year of my Graduate Liberal Studies Program at SFU. (2011/2012)

Supplemental Texts

In the Beginning, Karen Armstrong
Origins of Political Order,
Francis Fukuyama
Memories and Visions of Paradise,
Richard Heinberg
The Power of Myth
, Joseph Campbell w/ Bill Moyers

2 thoughts on “Required Reading

  1. Are the bold ones those you’ve already finished? If so, wasn’t “Awakening” quite something? Weirdly, I was oddly ambivalent toward the main character although I thought the book was well-realized, literarily-speaking.The ending was a kick in the guts.

    1. Yes – bold means finished. I read Awakening awhile ago, and luckily it is on our course list too! I’m supposed to lead the seminar on it sometime in November. Really was a bit cold on the whole novel at first read, but am looking forward to a closer read of it soon.

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