Photographs from the Wacky Woods (Fanny Bay, BC)

On our recent vacation, we stopped at the Wacky Woods on our way out of Fanny Bay, BC. It was a quick jaunt into the forest to show our friends the outdoor installations of the late George Sawchuk – but the sheer volume of work there never fails to impress. Humorous, provocative, penitent and sometimes melancholy – the passions and social critiques of Sawchuk are writ large on these woods – his legacy being a real community treasure. Though I have not got the rest of our trip photos online, I did put up a gallery from the Wacky Woods last week. Interested in more about Sawchuk? See this post that Brian penned after we visited the artist’s studio in 2008 when he was still very much alive.

Bees and lupins.

My attempt to capture a bee photo in the Garibaldi school garden on my phone…. what was so remarkable about this was 1) how many bees there were in the lupin patch and 2) that you could see their full pollen sacs (that orange blob) so easily. I love this patch of beauty right around the corner from my home!