Plant Inventory

Blueberries: Bluecrop (by the shed) and Duke (by the fence) (planted spring 2010)

Three kinds of raspberries – don’t know anything about them because they’ve all been gifts from friends. (planted spring 2009 and 2010)

Rose of Sharon – Mauve, pink and white blossoms (planted Fall of 2009)

Japanese Maple (here when we arrived)

Michaelmas Daisies (from my mother’s garden, transplanted summer 2009)

Blue Hydrandea (here when we arrived)

Sambuca Tree (Elderberry) (planted spring 2010)

Helebore (planted spring 2010)

Maidenhair fern (planted spring 2010)

Cinnamon fern (planted spring 2010)

Bleeding Heart (planted spring 2010)

Hazelnut Tree (planted spring 2010 – purchased off Craigslist)

Trumpet Creeper Vine (planted spring 2010)

Clematis armandii Apple Blossom – Evergreen (planted spring 2010)

Clumping Bamboo (Fall, 2010 – to be planted in Spring 2010 – From Dave)

Hostas (acquired spring 2009, fall 2009, fall 2010)

Mahonia (Fall, 2010 – from Dave)

Heavenly bamboo (nandina) (Fall, 2010 – from Dave)

Ostrich Fern (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010 – edible fiddleheads)

Asparagus (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010)

Lavender (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010)

Fragrant Solomon’s Seal (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010)

Lingonberry shrub (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010)

Huckleberry shrub (planted in the boulevard fall, 2010)

Olive Tree – Arbequina, Olea europeaea (planted in backyard by fence, spring 2011)

Gooseberry – Hinnomaki Red, Ribea uva-crispa (front yard, spring 2011)

Oregon Grape, Mahonia nervosa (front yard, spring 2011)

Red-Veined Sorrel (boulevard, spring 2011)

Hardy Kiwi, Actinidia arguta (front walk, spring 2011 – female on yard side, male on short side of yard – new male planted spring 2012)

Sea Berry, Hippophae rhamnoides (male and female planted front yard, spring 2011)

Ostrich Fern (front yard, spring 2011)

Chinese Astilbe,  Astilbe chinensis (front yard, spring 2011)

Lily of the Valley Convallaria majalis (front yard, spring 2011)

Bleeding Heart, Dicentra formosa (front yard, spring 2011)

Columbine, Swan Red and White (front yard, spring 2011)

Clematis, Violet Elizabeth (front yard, spring 2011)

Red Trillium (front yard, spring 2011)

Hino Crimson Azalea (front yard, spring 2011)

Othello Liguria (front yard, spring 2011)

Euonymus J. Mic. Butterscotch (front yard, spring 2011)

Yakima and Italian Plums (back yard, autumn 2011)

Meyer Lemon (Potted on patio, spring 2012)

Bearss Lime (Potted on patio, spring 2012)

Tea bush Camellia sinensis (Backyard, by bookshed wall, spring 2012)

Himalayan Sweetbox (Backyard by the porch post, spring 2012)

2 Winter Jewels Helleborus – Red and White (Frontyard near pond, spring 2012)

Pieris Japonica Flaming Silver (Frontyard, spring 2012)

Fatsia Japonica (Frontyard, spring 2012)

Skimmia Japonica – Olympic Flame, Red (Frontyard, spring 2012)

Skimmia Japonica – Kew White (Frontyard, spring 2012)

Hydrangea quercifolia (Frontyard, near fence, spring 2012)

Chansonette Camellia (hot tub gazebo, shade garden fall 2012)

Winterberry (shade/forest garden, fall 2012)

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