Feeling better and going to the polls?

I’m actually feeling much better today than I have been – probably owing to a good exercise session last night, the fact that I’ve lsot four inches from my hips (and 2.5 from my waist), and that Brian and I have had a couple blessedly quiet nights alone for the first time in ages. Oh – and I’m going snowshoeing this afternoon as part of a health and wellness work activity which I’m excited about. So there crazy family drama! Not that it’s over of course, this is one of those things that will take ages to work out.

But enough about that. I suppose tomorrow the election call is going to come (non-confidence motions are expected over the budget, and that will bring the sitting minority government down) and then we will be back into choosing our leaders. Again. For the fourth time in seven years! So let’s hope that it isn’t the Conservatives again, but if it has to be, with an even smaller minority. And let’s also hope that people pay more attention to the ethics scandals than the fact that the Liberals don’t have a very dynamic leader.

(Again – for you Americans reading along – Liberal capitalized doesn’t mean the same thing as liberal does in the United States. Our Liberal Party isn’t very liberal – they are actually a centre-right party. Our centre-left federal parties are the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois who claim to be social democrats but really aren’t unless you have a really flexible definition of social democracy).

We’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow, but for all the Conservatives crowing about their poll lead – we all know that those numbers can change dramatically in an election where people really engage with the issues. I’m trying to be optimistic here – and when I go out in the world and hear what people are saying… it seems a lot of people don’t like this government any better than I do. Let’s just hope that goes to the polls in May.

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