Appreciating love.

I’m having trouble writing at the moment, I’m not sure why exactly except perhaps I’m afraid this is going to come out like mush. The question of the day is what I have to come to appreciate most in the past year – and without a doubt in the last three years, the answer is clearly Brian and the relationship we have worked to build together. Truly, life just seems so much easier, more joyful, and less lonely than it ever has for me before. I notice it especially during rough times – the relaxation that spreads down my shoulders when he hugs me, the relief I feel when I am returning home after a tough union hearing or meeting because I know he’ll be there with dinner ready. It’s infinite, all the small ways in which my life is eased or smoothed by the presence of this great love in my life and I can’t think of a single thing which compares in terms of appreciation value.

And I know it’s not one-sided, because we mutually show gratitude by helping each other, by sharing the tasks of our household, by listening and playing and prioritizing our time around each others needs. Which is key, really. That when we have time to spend, we want to spend it with each other.

It’s been just over three years now and I keep worrying that this great thing is going to come to an end – that we will tire of each other, become too accustomed, start taking for granted all the little things that still seem so miraculous…. But we’re both committed to kindness in our relationship, which is at least as important as love in keeping joy alive. Let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we? I’d like to appreciate this relationship as much in all the years we have together.


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