Backyard Harvest & Eating: June

Morels from the backyardDespite the fairly miserable June weather, I have to acknowledge my little garden hasn’t done so badly. So far we’ve eaten lots of salad greens, stir-fry greens, flowers, beets and even broad beans from the garden – plus a couple of scraggly purple carrots. And that’s not to gloat about the morels which volunteered in my shade garden and I turned into a pasta sauce last weekend. Since we’re leaving on holidays on Wednesday I’m thinking today might be the one to cut my garlic scapes and mix them up with the spinach that is bolting to make a version of pesto that I can stir into a risotto tonight so I don’t miss out in case the weather gets hot and forces them open in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone here keeps saying that better weather is around the corner, but today has opened up to another bleak rainfall. I’m hoping that this afternoon I can get out and plant a few things before we leave – some more spinach, some more beets, maybe even a few more beans. Definitely some more sprouting broccoli (saw the first head on my white sprouting broccoli yesterday!)

Backyard harvestIn any case, between the garden and the farmer’s market (Wednesday after work, just off the bike path at Terminal Stn.) we’ve been making some fabulous meals lately including:

  • a breakfast dish involving raspberries and rhubarb stewed in honey and vanilla served on plain yogurt.
  • morels in a white wine cream sauce on penne
  • grilled pork loin on a bed of greens with asparagus and aioli, quinoa and mint salad, and vanilla-poached rhubarb with heavy cream for desert. not to mention the appetizer of strawberries & goat cheese on crackers sprinkled with fresh ground pepper
  • bbq chicken with steamed beets (garden) and a sauteed kale, broad bean and beet green side (sprinkled through with prosciutto for extra flavour)

Most pleasingly, all of these meals included a substantial amount of food from our garden (rhubarb, mint, greens, kale, broad beans, beets, beet greens) – and it’s only the start of summer. I’m hoping that with a little warm weather we’ll soon have tomatoes, squash, beans and more greens on our return from the interior. For the trip itself I will be whipping up a batch of rhubarb muffins and we will be sure to pick a ton of greens for the cooler before we go.

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