Waking up happy.

It’s been a weird couple of days, starting Saturday night and ending yesterday afternoon in a mild depressive fit which lifted after going to the gym and having an absolutely stellar workout. Funny how the whole exercise endorphin thing works isn’t it? On top of that, after 15 days of no smoking my workout capacity has pretty much doubled in intensity without any additional push from me. When I got on the elliptical trainer yesterday at my normal level, I thought for the first couple of minutes that the resistance on the machine must be broken, but after fooling around with the settings I realized that really, I am physically a lot more capable all of a sudden. Crazy, because it wasn’t like I was smoking all that much – but I suppose that every little bit is that much more harmful as you get older.

So I’m glad to be done with that, even if my moods are slightly more chaotic than normal. As things go it hasn’t been as bad as it is for some, and after a little exercise, good dinner, bath and scrabble last night I woke up this morning feeling centered once again.

Not so much going on at the moment other than that. Settling into the new house, continuing to plan the garden expansion (raspberries, lemongrass and beets added over the weekend), reading a lot of books, looking forward to some summer holidays. It’s all feeling pretty good at the moment, though a little work to keep the blues away for the next few weeks I’m sure.

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