More commitment, more self-discipline!

I’m reading and thinking a lot these days but for some reason when it comes to putting it down on paper I’m all blank stares. It’s laziness I think – so much easier to talk to Brian about the failed ideology of unlimited growth than actually write about it. The problem is, when I don’t get stuff out of my head and into writing then I seem to dream a lot more. I suppose both are really just a form of processing when you get right down to it, and there’s a lot to process in the world these days. Not to mention the fact I’ve been thinking lots about these Saramago posts and doing little bits of research here and there to lend to them, plus reading two books at the moment, working like crazy, and also trying to get myself in order to leave town on Sunday for another Ottawa jaunt. Okay, so that’s a lot.

One thing I’ve been right back into lately is working out, which is the only thing I’ve really got going on at the moment to counter the cerebral self (okay, well that and sex which is both physical and cerebral). I started to get a bit slack in December what with the snow and the holidays and work – knowing full well that could only go on so long before I would have to kick my own ass into gear. I am glad to say that I returned to my workout schedule with a bit more zeal than I had back in the fall and I’m already seeing the effects of that. Only three weeks of bodysculpt classes (overall tone and strength conditioning which practically kills me) and I’m already seeing stronger shoulders and arms. This is very exciting to someone who has almost never been able to pull off a properly-formed pushup in her life!

I’ve got a mixed routine going on at the moment – couple days of swimming, kickboxing once a week, bodysculpt once a week, and a couple days of cardio machine and strength workouts. After years of on and off gym going I’ve found this works best for me because I don’t get bored if I’m doing lots of different stuff, and all parts of my body are challenged at least once during the week. I am really aiming to lose another 10-15 pounds in the next few months which means not only the exercise but meticulous calorie counting to follow. Fun times.

But there it is. I’ve written here before about this process and the reasons for it – since starting this process in June of 2008 my arthritis aches have all but disappeared (except in my hips) and the mild sleep apnea I was suffering from has disappeared (no more snoring or choking in my sleep!) So this calorie counting and sweating stuff, and I’m looking forward to taking my back-in-shape body on some long hiking trips with Brian this summer.

I’m writing about it today because I’ve realized that despite my gym-diligence in the last few weeks, my eating hasn’t been great. Not horrendous, but not great – and as a result my weight has plateaued since early December. So in the last few days I’ve been recommitting myself to get back on the course of intentional eating which really does make me feel better even when I can’t have every single thing I want. I really do like being smaller, and healthier, and having more energy and less health worries that extend into my future. The question is, can I keep going in the right direction?

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