Tanned and smiling.

I never know how to begin when I’ve been away for a few days even though I should have a lot to say right now. But after five days in the sun – swimming, walking, eating summer food, visiting friends – staring at a screen is less than inspiring to my typing fingers. It’s the lunch hour gym routine instead of a nice long walk or a lake swim. Tonight is drinks on the Drive instead of a backyard BBQ. But I suppose that’s what makes the offtimes so sweet, is that the everyday moments are supplanted by their superior cousins. And it’s not as though my regular existence is some type of grueling torture in the first place!

But really, I am returning from my Vancouver Island trip and additional days off feeling mighty relaxed which I think is a combination effect from not having to go east for all of June, plus having some really amazing days at home and around the coast. Last weekend it was Saltspring and Victoria. This weekend it was Victoria again but with enough time to relax and walk and swim. And coming back Monday, Brian and I had a day and a half of the Drive, swimming in Trout Lake and sitting on the steps of my house drinking beer and watching the neighbourhood carry on. All simple stuff, friends, food, nature and warm weather – and I feel shiny new.

I’ve been back at the gym for the last month or so which is also adding to my general sense of well-being. I noticed over the weekend that my body seems to be a bit more toned and I definitely have more energy, am sleeping better, and feeling much more positive about myself than I was in May. I’ve been worried lately about arthritis and diabetes as future possibilities if I fail to keep healthy – because they run in the family, and are intrinsically linked to carry too much weight for too long. My mother is now suffering a lot of pain and having to take insulin – and I although I am thirty years younger, I know she is dealing with the cumulative effects of a lifetime of being overweight – something I hope to mitigate by taking the time for myself now. Sustaining healthy choices (whether those be food or exercise) is a tad more difficult when I am directly in the fray of travel and politics – so we’ll see what happens in the fall. On the plus side, Brian has been getting active with me (hiking, jogging, etc.) which is a first for me in the history of my partners. We encourage each other and with the weather being so incredible, we’ve been finding new things to explore.

In all things I feel pretty content at the moment. Something worth noting for its rarity, but also because realizing it helps to provide clues to getting here again in the future.

I’ll be back to writing regularly now that I’m home for a bit, I’ve got a post in the works for Viaduct as well that I hope will be ready this weekend. Happy Summer everyone!

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