Meeting Mica.

Brian has written up an account of last night’s meeting over here – so I won’t do a repeat of the same.

What I will say is that the evening went very well and Brian has one great daughter. While he had told me she might be a bit shy or uncomfortable, Mica was anything but, engaging me as soon as they walked through the door of the restaurant (by returning my wave) and eager to put her best self forward from the beginning. Between dinner and bowling there was lots of talk about boys, parties, school events and some liberal teasing of her father – the conversation was easy and fun, and she introduced her own topics of conversation quite quickly rather than waiting to be asked questions (good sign, good sign). So all my reservations about where she was at with this are pretty much diminished – it felt as though she was as ready to meet me as I was to meet her. And when we parted ways she definitely seemed into hanging out again sometime soon (despite the fact she must have been exhausted from her day). Brian tells me that she mentioned afterwards that I seem “really nice,” so besides the fact she appeared happy to be out with us, I’ll take that comment as a sign that I did okay.

Honestly my biggest fear in the months leading up to this was not whether she would like me, but whether I would like her. I mean, this is a kid who could potentially be in my life for a long time, someone I could end up living with. And I am not one those people who naturally likes all children. What happens then, if the man you love is bound to a child you don’t like? Do you just end it? Do you pretend? (I am a terrible liar and faker. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull that one off).

Luckily I don’t have to weigh those options, as I genuinely liked Mica as soon as I met her. She really is a beautiful girl with all the normal ten-year-old issues about boys who tease her and parties she wants to go to. And you know, that is super exciting to me. That I get to participate in this girl’s life – I get to build a relationship with her based on whatever girl affinity we can muster – I get one more freaky kid to pal around with. Lovely and funny and bright – definitely a kid I can imagine enjoying as a part of my life.

The beginning of family, I suppose, and I am about as moved as you can get over a dish of lentils and some glow-in-the-dark bowling.

One Comment on “Meeting Mica.

  1. Megan that’s awesome. I am so glad it went well, and of course she is someone you like, she is the child of someone you find quite fabulous. And it’s true, you will become family. That has happened with a little girl (of the same name) in my life. Life can be so unruly at times…

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