Altered Oceans.

I distributed the link to the LA Times series “Altered Oceans” at work today – which has turned into a frightful discussion topic about climate change and where things are heading. For an in-depth analysis of our oceans and the impact of global warming – definitely check it out – just expect nightmares afterwards.

2 Comments on “Altered Oceans.

  1. yeah… going to read it now because i’m not already obsessed with climate change. since leaving memphis and living in the woods i go weeks without ever leaving. i buy nothing, work freelance on occasion, and drive as little as possible.

    i’m pretty sure we are totally fucked but hope that people, in particular americans, will get a clue.

    for bonus points try a couple weeks of peak oil reading. the perfect compliment to climate change.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about the LA Times 5-part series “Altered Oceans” and providing a link to it. It was heartwarming to see a major media outlet give such extensive coverage to the terrible state of our oceans- what a wake-up call! This mass media coverage brings the reality of our cancerous, toxic, parasitical human existence to a wider audience and hopefully, some positive changes to our bad living habits will occur on a grander scale.

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