bring it on….

i’m sitting in the vancouver airport waiting for my travelling companion. hooked up via a telus hotsport, watching through giant picture windows the big planes come and go, listening to manufactured music amidst the smells of plastic food court offerings.

gas went up to 1.10 a litre yesterday in the city. they say $70 a barrel before the summer is out. those fish aren’t ever coming back just as sure as gas prices will never drop.

i’m thinking – this is it – what i’m looking at is the apex of our civilization. all this artificiality without the ability to sustain it for another minute.

One Comment on “bring it on….

  1. yep, bring it on indeed. I read this after I read in my paper today that the federal fisheries agency NOAA has cut critical habitat designation for 19 species of threatened and endangered Pacific salmon by about 80 percent. 80 percent! Their “reasoning” (which came about after they were sued by the National Association of Home Builders) is that (a) economics were not considered, and (b) a lot of the waters designated for protection don’t have salmon in them now.

    And then I looked at the satellite pics of B.C. forests posted over at Liminal Existence ( … fuck.

    Some days I just want to cry … really cry … and the only thing that stops me is the fact that I’m sitting at work in an open office. The same thing that keeps me from throwing large heavy objects.

    So, bring it on. Let’s end this insane death march once and for all.

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