on my way to finish the christmas errands needing to be done before i see family, i drove up a logging road just north of gibsons to get a good, long, uninterrupted look at the mountains towering over howe sound – capped in snow and anchored deep below the water line.

on my way home, i drove down to the breakwater in roberts creek and walked out beyond the estuary to surround myself by the sea.

somewhere between those places is a solace found in an apparent stability that is really continuous change. that is where all our lives are lived, as fluid as the ocean, as solid as the mountain, as present as the air that sustains each breath…. if i stand here, in this space between earth and sky – is my thin layer of skin keeping the world out, or is it connecting the rest of me to everything else?

i am grateful for this fluidity, the thinness of my skin in the sun-soaked morning, the deep roots which bind me to my community. i am neither far away nor near – but always easily found – always ready for the next…..

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