still sorrow

i feel unable to move beyond this deep sorrow i am feeling over the loss of my friend bob although i know with time the sharpness of it will mellow and i will be able to have rememberances without shaking to fall apart.

the gathering in vancouver on saturday night was very heartening to me – to look around maryann’s house and see all of my favourite people from the social justice movement in vancouver – all the people who really matter to me – and know that we shared this moment not just because bob was special to all of us – but because we have been united in a common struggle.

there is a pride in knowing the calibre of people who are a part of this struggle, their love and humanity (and sometimes rage) in the face of a world that seems increasingly at odds with everything we work for. the death of one community member, especially one as influential as bob, is a reminder to appreciate what small moments we have together – is a reminder to me how important the people i love are to me and how lucky i am to have such a diversity of people in my life.

we (the resist collective) are going to get a blog up and running on resist for memories of bob to be posted on – since there are people who he impacted around the world who want a central place to share to – i will post the address here once we get it going.

2 Comments on “still sorrow

  1. Peace to you. That’s a heavy blow, to lose someone so important on both a personal and life-work level. May you find comfort in the shared memories and support of others who knew him.

  2. thanks brad for this….. every day a little easier – i am looking forward to the memorial tomorrow to see many of the people who loved bob in one place – who are many of the people i take great comfort in knowing….

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