just an update

i have been neglectful of people in my life lately and so i apologize if you are waiting for an email response from me and have not gotten one yet – i have a list of people who i have responses composed to half in my head and you will be hearing from me shortly.

although my mood has been relatively good lately, i have felt stuck in an inability to communicate with the world – very inward focused and project-oriented – not to mention the fact i am immersed in schoolwork. i sense this is changing and in the coming days the block i seem to be plagued with will come apart, allowing for more reflections to come forth in this space – but until then i will focus on clearing the backlog of responses i owe people and post some pictures of projects i am working on as they come to fruition.

i am also thinking at the moment that i need to plan a trip in the early winter – possibly just for a week or so, to visit friends down the coast – as i have not had much of a break from working for months now. further to that – i think a trip to the central coast might also be in order in the early spring – but i’m still thinking through what will make the most sense timing-wise.

in other news, i am now officially single again as nathan and i have agreed that a relationship fraught with this much distance and other doubt is not likely to succeed. fortunately the end to the big-R relationship was amiable and we have agreed to continue a friendship without setting a definition on what that means. this seems to me the best possible resolution as i believe we have lots to learn from each other, but expectations of what the relationship should be were hampering our actual enjoyment of that process.

and for those of you following my wisdom tooth saga – i have scheduled surgery to have them removed for december 6th as they (according to the oral surgeon) have to come out (and, he says, it’s not going to be easy). i have opted for complete sedation for the process though it seems odd to willingly allow someone to knock you out knowing that they will mutilate your body while you are sleeping.

in general, my life is very good at the moment and i am quite content in my life and feeling very privileged to have the life i do – i am going to work to find more time for the people in my life who i want to be connecting with – but other than that i think the balancing act that is my life is working pretty well for a change.

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