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a day of mechanical and electrical failures it was…..

i am writing this blog post from my brand new G4 ibook, bought in a hasty moment this afternoon from the macstation in yaletown – an unanticipated purchase brought on by the failure of the hard drive on my G3 which after many repairs (and too much money thrown at it) i finally gave up on. i have left my old machine at the shop in the hopes they can recover the data off the drive that no longer spins – apparently they can’t even tell me that for 5-7 days because they are so backlogged in their repair area.

so, there it is – i got to the union office this morning after a long ferry delay due to mechanical failure (they couldn’t get one of the clutches to engage and so drove the ferry with 2 engines instead of 4 which turned a 2 hour commute into a 3.5 hour commute), took my ibook out, and lo – it did not start up. in fact, the only thing i could get it to do was cough a little, and on one try the monitor flickered. this was not a good start to my day of getting things done, so i switched over to a windows laptop and used that until i had to run downtown to drop strike leafletts off to a few different worksites.

it was at this juncture i decided to stop in at mac station and talk to the repair tech who told me he wasn’t sure if it was the hard drive or the logic board but in any case the logic board wouldn’t be covered under the product recall because the symptoms on my machine weren’t right for the recall specs. in any case, i needed a computer right away and that G3 has been nothing but unreliable since i bought it 2 and a half years ago – the cd drive has been broken for ages, the latch doesn’t work, some of the keys are busted on it, the logic board was replaced already once – and even putting 2 or 3 hundred dollars into it at this point seems stupid.

thankfully i had enough room on my credit card – and thus, a new machine is in my hands tonight. the one thing i regret is that the decision was made so quickly. normally when i buy a new computer, i spend weeks anticipating it, thinking about what options i will have added on, and fantasizing about the machine of my dreams. this time, it was all business – i made my decision in less than 5 minutes (based on price) and added a warranty and an airport card to the bill. later, if my old machine isn’t fixable, they will trade it in for parts and i will get some extra ram – straight forward, no room for silly girl technology fantasies….

i like this computer already because it has a more durable feel to it – the keys are not so flimsy and the cd-drive doesn’t use a tray system (always prone to breaking). i am currently in the process of downloading softwarez for it, i hope they all work – i *need* a working machine by tomorrow.

after what turned out to be a crazy day of running around, and long, late ferry commutes – i got home and made a fire in the woodstove – and you know what? i feel pretty damned privileged at the moment – not only could i afford to buy a computer without too much hesitation when i needed it, but i live in a beautiful house in the quiet country with a woodstove the heats up nice and toasty – and in the mornings i am treated to the marriage of sea foam and clouds with the fall sun struggling against the haze – i never thought i would be this rich in all my life, and even in the moments of frantic work, i can recognize how damned fine this life is.

a far cry from a year ago at this time….. i am a much happier being at the moment.

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