red cedar prayers

i found out last night that someone i care about very much has been diagnosed with some form of lymphoma (lymph cancer). he is the same age as me, and one of the healthiest people i know – someone who has very much impacted my life in the most positive of ways, and showed me the path to getting well after my own injury and depression.

i am struggling to understand how this could happen to someone i love, as though my caring for someone should protect them from harm. how fairy-tale…..

this has tapped a deep well inside of me, and although i do not want to indulge my “tragic sense” (as it has been referred to by my friend), i am endlessly sad in the moments i pause to reflect on how difficult a battle he must face. i have great faith in him though, to heal himself without western medicine – because he is healthy and strong and tenacious – and full of life. this is what i need to focus on, and i know it – to bring the positive memory of his core strength up before me instead of putting energy towards the worst possible conclusion.

i am now making prayers for my friend every day until he is well again – and i ask that if in your travels you find yourself near a red cedar – the tree of life – you make prayers for his health and well-being too.

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