violins, children and maple cream ale

i had a fine evening last night at the home of giles and darcie (and munchkins) – hanging out with them and our friend norman nawrocki from montreal.

for those of you who don’t know – norman is a fine and gifted musician, writer, actor and all around trouble-maker – and is responsible for my favourite album of 2002 (the debut of DaZoque), among other works both provocative and beautiful. he plays the violin like a madman, giving me something to look to for inspiration – and about once a year i get a chance to hang out with him when he is visiting from montreal.

so last night we gathered at the lore krill co-op to drink of some fine home-made beer by giles (maple cream ale – a fine beer he has brewed), listen to a violin recital by jacob and kira (small violins – big ideas), and get a sneak preview of two of the new albums norman is about to release (i’m excited and you should be too!)

had good conversation with the adults and told the kids stories about kites and indonesian islands (i brought them a gift of a giant bird kite that was given to me on the island of bali 10 years ago) and marveled at the simultaneous seriousness and cuteness of the youngest child (grania – so named for the irish pirate).

i don’t know what darcie has done – but she has got the three most inspiring children i have ever met – bright and creative – interesting and engaging. if i ever had kids i could only hope they would turn out like that – no joke – these are some incredible little people.

at a reasonable hour (though it seemed late to us) norman and i walked home together, slightly tipsy from the fine beer, and on the way got a gelato at the casa gelato in strathcona while he told me stories about the neighbourhood and how it used to be.

i am lighter of heart today for the good company of last night, and the good people in my life generally. to all of them i say a quiet thank-you for their presence.

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