don't read this if you are cynical about love

i started writing a post this morning that was yet another complaint about living in the city (air quality is poor this morning, making me ill etc. etc. ) – but i have decided to delete that post for an entirely different snapshot of my life.

as much as i don’t want to be one of those softy-annoying-inlove-people – the fact is – i am startlingly taken with my new relationship and quite happy to declare it. i keep hearing that it is too soon for me to know anything about nathan, it is too early to settle into something, that i shouldn’t rush into things – but i don’t believe that about love and never have. my belief borne out in years of practice is that when i meet the right person, i know quickly the possibilities that exist – and i see no reason not to act on that knowledge.

and by acting on that knowledge, i mean pursuing this relationship with all the commitment and passion i require of myself when i am serious about having someone in my life. the reality is that we will be living nine hours apart from each other for the immediate future which enforces a period of separation at the beginning that is very healthy, and gives us time to get to know each other before making life-changing decisions.

up until a month ago i was pretty much decided i would be living alone for some time and was making plans accordingly to buy a house and get myself set up. i figured that a likely scenario would see me living on my own with an occasional lover until i became one of those funky old ladies that rides a bicycle everywhere. that may still be my fate – i mean, really – who knows…… there aren’t that many good matches out there for me.

but out of nowhere i have met someone who is strikingly compatible on most levels, has damned decent politics, and is not afraid to express how taken he is with me. he writes beautiful poetry, breathtaking letters and takes photographs of wildly remote places – and wants to show me those places in person. we share a desire to do a myriad of projects and trips together – which to me is the ultimate sign there is something worth developing into the future – shared work is essential to my relationship well-being.

it is odd this, the development of a relationship with someone who i have spent only a few days with in physical space – but it feels no less real than any other connection i have made, and getting to know each other via written words and conversations has given us a richness of language i doubt we would have shared otherwise. it is a fortunate thing we are both gifted with deft writing skills as these are essential to building a vibrant long-distance relationship. my friends kyla and walker (recently reunited) tell me that it is possible to have an in-depth relationship with someone you are separated from physically – given a good long distance plan and a willingness to write lots of letters.

i know i have the heart-space to include this person in my life, and that given a solid foundation, this connection stands a real chance of blossoming into much more.

i am hoping that those of you who are close to me will have a chance to meet nathan sometime in the not too distant future – though the logistics may be a challenge. as of september he will be living on the US-side of the okanagan area and i on the sunshine coast – and this will be the situation for at least the next year if not longer. we are taking our time to make decisions – and despite popular opinion – i am not rushing into anything foolishly.

this is my life at the moment – it can be surprisingly good sometimes.

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  1. Wow! That is beautiful! One of my housemates to be has a long distance relationship with someone in England. They are working on getting him here in the states … and while difficult to be apart … they too know that they are meant to be together. I wish you the best in discovering what will work for the two of you.

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