princess of the bureaucracy

so today i apparently am the princess of knowledge in this grand castle called the government. so great is my ability to analyze policy that i have made several people very happy this morning by answering their questions on obscure regulations… and then i talked to our tech department and it looks like they are going to allow me to purchase a transparency scanner for a major image digitizing project i proposed to my boss a couple of weeks ago….

hurrah! i am embracing my inner bureaucrat….

so things are good in meg-land. last night i laid down a fiddle and a vocal track on a friend’s new album (joey only) – which went much better than i expected and contributed to my general state of well-being. i haven’t been playing much lately and i forgot how good it can feel. the song i was contributing to is called “fire on anarchist mountain” which has a nice bluegrassy feel to it….. when it’s mixed down it’s going to sound really nice. i’m going back on thursday to lay down tracks on two other songs as well, which i have to work on tonight.

i’m on day ten of the no sugar/flour/dairy cleanse and my naturopath advised me on monday that to make it effective, i should stay the course for a month. it certainly is getting easier, and i am eating a lot healthier as a result of cutting out the major components of processed foods. i feel light all over (physically and mentally) which is a little ungrounding, and i think essential to getting me moved out of my neighbourhood. ungrounded = unattached – or at least less attached.

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