back at work

it’s been too hot to write the past couple of days – the weather makes me feel like my head is full of cotton.

on the weekend i went with my friend bear and looked around the sunshine coast for neighbourhoods i’m interested in living in. we had a good day, poking around side roads and looking at junk piles.

i’m excited about moving, but for some reason i’m also really fucked up and sad about it too. being in-between and not knowing where i am moving to just yet is ungrounding me.

i’ve started to sort and pack my things so that friends have time to go through the stuff i’m getting rid of before i move. it’s hard to be motivated in this heat and my super-stuffy apartment but i figure if i stretch it out over the next couple of months i won’t get all stressed at the last minute about it.

i will write more later once i’ve woken up – but in the meantime i have a new cel phone number which is 604-787-9340. please stop using my old cel number because i’m giving that phone to a friend.

here is a picture of me and my friend bear on the sunshine coast:

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