on getting evicted

on my drive home from seattle this afternoon i thought about what i was
going to post to my journal when i returned – some observations about
my trip, ideas passed onto me by a friend of mine, a report of the
but when i walked in my door, there was a sealed envelope on the floor
– shoved through the door in my absence.

after months of no information, rumours, and outright lies from my
rental company, they have finally put this apartment (and all the other
rentals in the building) up for sale.
of course, it wasn’t the building owner (a government agency – BC
Housing), or the rental company who deigned to tell us – but the
realtors who are selling the place – in a note that informs me when the
viewing times will be and that i can call them to inquire about
purchasing my home. of course they will do the utmost to ensure minimal
disruption of my privacy but they would like me to stay away during the
viewings. – thanks… wouldn’t want to upset the happy purchasers
tromping around looking for a bargain (which they likely won’t find

i knew it was coming, and i will call to inquire about the list price
(we were told we would get first purchasing option but that seems to
have gone out the window) – but it seems as though i will be evicted
sometime before september with a month’s rent paid for moving expenses.

now begins the soul search about where i want to live – stay in the
‘hood or look for greeneer pastures? a house off the drive or trailer
on a plot of land? oh – the big questions go around and around – but
can’t be answered until i figure a few more things out….

will write about my trip south later (after a shower…)

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